Share Your View of Nature

Part of what makes our days special is seeing the love of birds reflected through the eyes of our customers. Aside from their love of birds, our customers love to share with us their photographs, and we love to see them! Here's to the artistic talents of this group, to their eye for beauty, their love of birds, and their desire to help Bring People and Nature Together!

If you'd like to see your photos posted here, please e-mail your photos to [email protected] Please send in .jpg format and be sure to include your name and city. By submitting your photos, you are giving Wild Birds Unlimited permission to use the image on our web site, in our emails to customers, or in-store.


Common Nighthawk with nestlings by Marlene, Detroit, MI



Cooper's Hawk by Hank Darlington, GP Farms, MI


Bald Eagle by Bill Rapai, in Oscoda County, MI


Eastern Bluebird by Bill Rapai, at Seven Ponds Nature Center


American Goldfinch by Bill Rapai, in GP, MI



Black-throated Blue Warbler by Bill Rapai, in GP Shores, MI



Blue-gray Gnatcatcher, American Avocets and Baltimore Oriole by Joseph Fabian 


American Robin and fledgling by Kathy Neuman, GP Woods, MI


Leucistic House Sparrow by Rudy & Katie Gacobelli, GP Woods, MI



Blackpoll Warbler (fall plumage) by Bill Rapai, GP Park, MI


Pine Siskin by Bill Rapai, Ford House, GP Shores, MI



American Goldfinches by Bill Rapai, Ford House, GP Shores, MI



Baltimore Oriole on Jelly Feeder by the Puppos', GP Woods, MI



Leucistic American Robin by Susan Higbie, GP Woods, MI



And another, by Karen Cameron in Clinton Township


House Wren by Susan Higbie, GP Woods, MI


 Northern Flicker, Susan Higbie


House Finch, Susan Higbie

Common Grackles, Susan Higbie


 Ruby-throated Hummingbird by Melissa Puppos, GP Woods, MI



Red-tailed Hawk by Jeevak Badve, Ford House Bird Walk, GP Shores, MI



Red-tailed Hawk by Grant Gilezan



Peregrine Falcon by Grant Gilezan


Northern Flicker by James Provencal (new yard bird for him!)


American Kestrel by Geoffrey Clarke


Long-eared Owl by John C Brooks Jr.