Gardening - The Importance of Planting Natives



Planting native plants in your yard provides birds with the necessary fruits, insects and nesting territory they need to survive and prosper.  Below is a list of native plant sellers in Michigan we recommend as well as a video starring Dr. Doug Tallamy regarding the importance of planting native plants.


Click here to watch "Nature's Best Hope" by Dr. Doug Tallamy


Tips before buying:

• Check height, sun, soil, water needs, & plant’s assertiveness ~ Right Plant/Right Place
• Makes sure to buy native plants that are actually native to Michigan. Native is a broad term that is used to describe plants native to a place somewhere in the USA. It is important to buy natives indigenous to where you are planting your garden. When buying native, do not shop by hardiness zone, shop by the plant’s native range. Do your homework.
• Shop using the plant’s formal name, since common names can vary. Formal names avoid costly mistakes or inadvertently buying a non-native introduced version of the native plant
• Avoid cultivars/nativars. Typically they are far less beneficial to birds, butterflies, bees, and more. Some cultivars have absolutely no benefits; some can cause harm to hosting caterpillars, some have virtually no nectar. Straight-species natives are best! To avoid nativars watch for natives with fancy names on the label or patent numbers. Cultivars are readily sold at nurseries, so be an informed shopper

Native Plant Sellers

Detroit Abloom

Pre-order at website and schedule appointment for pickup.  They also carry some non-natives.

313 Newport
Detroit 48215
Tom (313) 434-5121 / Nancy (313) 587-2446
Email: [email protected]


Wild Type
Native Plants ~ Ecological Services

An excellent selection of native perennials, vines, trees, and shrubs. Most are Michigan genotypes.  Visit their website to view retail shopping days and pre-order native plants.
Website also has valuable learning info related to larval host plants, plant requirements, etc.

900 N Every Road
Mason 48854


East Michigan Native Plants, LLC

Angela Nelson/Horticulturist, grower, consultant, speaker, owner  Schedule private shopping: [email protected]

(810) 333-7501
[email protected]