While it is possible to enjoy birds without any special equipment at all, there are two items which many bird lovers would consider indispensable: a field guide to identify birds and binoculars, without which many birds will remain vague, poorly seen, and as good as invisible to the inattentive. A good pair of binoculars will allow you to identify and enjoy distant birds as easily as the birds on your backyard feeder—and will also render those “close” yard birds more striking, individually distinct, and beautiful. Even if the only place you watch birds is in your yard, a pair of binoculars will add greatly to your enjoyment of the hobby as you learn to identify different species with ease, wonder at details you never noticed in the most common of birds, and above all develop an alert eye and the habit of visual curiosity—it is when you begin to constantly ask “what is that movement over there?” that you will see things you never realized existed.

How to Choose Binoculars

If you have never used binoculars, or if you have only used low-quality models, you may be surprised at the bright, clear images and the ease of use offered by even moderately priced optics. $200 worth of bird seed might last for months and attract a dozen species of birds to your yard, but a $200 pair of binoculars will last for many, many years and will open your eyes to hundreds of species of birds with a level of detail and enjoyment that is otherwise impossible. The best way to choose a pair of binoculars is to try them out for yourself and find what feels right: come into the store and experiment with a few different models. Take a look at the surrounding area near our store as we guide you in how to use your binoculars with the greatest comfort and how to choose a pair that meets your needs and preferences.