Spring & Summer Feeding

Over 100 North American bird species supplement their natural diets with bird seed, suet, fruit and nectar obtained from feeders.

Access to abundant and healthy food supplies is important to birds…regardless of the season. Bird feeders provide a portion of these important nutritional needs for your backyard birds throughout the year. Feeding birds throughout the summer allows them to spend less time foraging for food and more time on important nesting duties, including:

  • Selecting nesting sites, constructing higher quality nests and defending the nest from predators
  • Laying eggs earlier, which typically leads to a better survival rate
  • Providing additional nutrition to the nestlings, increasing their rate of growth and reducing aggression between sibling nestlings

Remember, feeding your birds in the summer will not make them too lazy, too dependent or keep them from migrating at the appropriate time. Contrary to popular belief, recent research shows summer to be the most abundant season for birds to visit feeders.

Stop in today and let us help you find what works for you and your birds!