Kids' Coloring Contest

February Coloring Contest Image:    

Northern Cardinal

(Image drawn just for us by local artist Marilynn Thomas, who also leads our Avian Art classes)

Parents and grandparents! The future of our natural world lies in the hands of our children. This is a serious statement but protecting nature can be lots of fun! Help inspire their love of nature by involving them in our monthly Kids' Coloring Contest. Each contest features a different bird. Pick up coloring pages any time throughout the month and return by the end of the month. On or around the 1st of the following month, we'll hold a random drawing to select a winner of a goody bag of prizes from our store.

After the winner is drawn, we feature all the submissions on our Facebook page, here on our website, and on our walls in the store, where they remain through the next whole month. Thank you for keeping our store looking so cheery and bright!

January Contest

Congratulations to the most recent Coloring Contest winner, Delaney!! All the children did great jobs this month (as always). Such a variety of colors, patterns, and shading. Thanks for getting excited about birds with us! :)

December Contest

Thank you for all those who participated in December's contest, where we celebrated Snowy Owls. The winner this time was Grace Quinn, age 12. A special thanks to all those who took part in any of our 2017 coloring contests- you make our days more colorful!


November Contest

This Thanksgiving season, we are grateful to all of the children who participate in our monthly coloring contests. We hope you enjoyed your Thanksgiving weekend! Above is our winner, Sophia W., age 13. Below are the rest of the submissions. Did you know, a group of turkeys can be referred to as a “raffle"?


October Contest

Congratulations to this month's winner, Allie Mattes, Age 10. Thank you, Allie, for bringing us sunshine, rainbows, and great big smiles!

September Contest

Our winner this month was Avery Draskovich, Age 9. What a magical way to color this magical bird species! Great job kids!!

August Contest

Congratulations to our most recent Coloring Contest winner, Claire Nurse, Age 8.

We love seeing the children's joy, and of course, we love nuthatches!

July Contest

Congratulations to this month's winner, Dez Peoples, who has been participating in our contests for months and months! We have everything in this bunch from classic to colorful, realistic to whimsical. Thank you kids!!!

June's Contest

This month's winner was 4 year old Cobie Mohan, who painted her family of Ruby-throated Hummingbirds. Great work everyone!

May's Contest

Emily Giffer, age 11, was randomly chosen to win our owl Coloring Contest this month! What sweet little owls, and such a variety of colors and styles!

April's Contest

This month's "O is for Oriole" coloring contest winner was 11 year old Joseph Olejniczak. Great work kids; we were excited to see these colorful birds and the real orioles who were starting to migrate through!

March's Contest

Great job to our Coloring Contest kids, including the winner Lorenzo Cavaliere, age 10. And remember- B is for Bluebird!

February's Contest

Love was in the air this month with our lovebirds-themed Coloring Contest. Such sweet little birds, and congratulations to winner Audrey Schena, age 10.

January's Contest

This was a cool contest with a bird as awesome as the Belted Kingfisher. These birds rock! Our winner was 5 year old Ana Garay-Garcia.

December's Contest

These cheery Cardinals brighten our winter days! Annelies-Heleen Vandenplas, age 8, was this month's winner.

November's Contest

So many Turkeys on our walls this month! We are thankful for such great participation. The winner this month was Addy Christian, age 5.

October's Contest

Daisy Jablonowski, age 5, won this month's coloring contest, featuring a Great-horned Owl for a Halloween feel!

September's Contest

The winning prize this month went to 9 year old Molly Lucido, who did a marvelous job coloring this American Goldfinch picture. Thank you artists!

August's Contest

We had great levels of participation this month, with some Northern Cardinals ranging in color from red to blue and everything in between! Great job to all participants, including winner 10 year old Lina Baer.

July's Contest

Bryce Scecluna, age 4, was excited to be the winner of our second-ever monthly Coloring Contest. The kids' did a fabolous job coloring these Eastern Bluebirds, and some kids even turned them into another species altogether! How cool is that!

June's Contest

We were so happy to present our first Coloring Contest price to winner Oscar Tomezak, age 4. Oscar participated with his older siblings but didn't think he would win. He's very interested in birds and we were so happy to see his enthusiasm!! Keep up the good work, kids!