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Grosse Pointe Audubon


"Our organization serves the Grosse Pointes, Harper Woods and St. Clair Shores to promote the awareness, understanding, enjoyment of and stewardship of the environment with an emphasis on birds and their habitats. We accomplish our mission through our educational programs and community service projects, financial support of Seven Ponds Nature Center in Dryden, MI and through our field trips."

Grosse Pointe Audubon is a chapter of Michigan Audubon, our state's oldest conservation organization. Michigan Audubon's goal is to study and preserve wild birds, plants, animals and their habitats and to teach the public of their importance. Join GPA by attending one of their meetings or by picking up one of their brochures at the Grosse Pointe Woods Wild Birds Unlimited. Click here to learn more about Grosse Pointe Audubon, see upcoming events, and read their newsletter.

GP Audubon's Monthly Program

Meetings are held at 17150 Maumee (In the annex behind Grosse Pointe Unitarian Church). Click here to access the latest news from Grosse Pointe Audubon. Meetings are FREE to attend.

Winter 2020 Meetings


Birding High Island, Texas

Monday, February 24th, 2020, 7:00pm

Mark O'Keefe and grandson Peter Moe will be presenting a program about spring birding in High Island, Texas. Mark and Peter have spent the last two Easter weekends in High Island getting an early start on spring migration. More than 2 billion birds migrate through the Texas Gulf Coast from mid March to late May. High Island and the surrounding areas are the best spot to see all the birds that will later make their way to Michigan, as well as some southern and western specialities.

Preventing Bird Window Deaths

Monday, March 16th, 2020, 7:00pm

Millions of birds in North America fatally strike windows each year. Strikes can occur on any building type - from single family homes to large towers - and primarily affect migrating songbirds. Nick Liadis, a research fellow at the Carnegie Museum of Natural History, will tell us why birds strike windows and how we can design buildings to help birds safely navigate through cities.



Macomb Audubon

Macomb Audubon Society is another chapter of Michigan Audubon. Meetings are held at the Sterling Heights Nature Center on the first Monday of most months (unless otherwise noted). Click here to access the Macomb Audubon website and here for their Facebook page. Meetings are free to attend.

Macomb Audubon Society's Monthly Program

Next Meeting - Monday, March 2nd, 2020, 7:00pm

Patrick Browne Presents - "Hawking Experience"

This exciting presentation will take us through the history and present-day workings of the art of Falconry. Patrick Browne has 18 years of experience in this fascinating field.



Detroit Audubon

Detroit Audubon was founded in 1939. A chapter of National Audubon Society (today known simply as Audubon), they have over 6,000 members in areas stretching from St. Clair County to the north, the Western edge of Ann Arbor to the West, and the Ohio State Line to the south.

Detroit Audubon's mission is to promote awareness and protection of the environment through education, research and advocacy in Detroit and the surrounding area. They support local activities to foster the preservation of birds and the clean air, water, wetlands, grasslands, woodlands and other natural resources they depend upon. When you become a member and make a donation, you help support these efforts.

Click here to learn more about Detroit Audubon and see upcoming events.



Michigan Audubon

Michigan Audubon protects over 3,500 acres of bird habitat via a network of 19 sanctuary properties in Michigan’s Upper and Lower Peninsulas. Each property plays a critical role in protecting Michigan native plants and animals, including both endangered and threatened species.

Michigan Audubon hosts Signature Birding Events, workshops, and sanctuary programs year-round. Their programs are available to nearly all ages and abilities and aim to bridge the gap between recreational birding and conservation engagement.

Michigan Audubon coordinates seasonal surveys, Christmas Bird Counts, and species monitoring programs throughout the state. Chapter-led research projects are supported by mini grants. The Whitefish Point Bird Observatory has been a subsidiary of Michigan Audubon for over three decades.

Click here to learn more about Michigan Audubon and see upcoming events. Click here to subscribe to Michigan Audubon e-News.



Whitefish Point Bird Observatory

Whitefish Point is a phenomenal concentration spot for migrant birds. Located in Michigan's Upper Peninsula, this spot is a natural migration corridor. Tens of thousands of birds are funneled to the Point every Spring and Fall while migrating through the Great Lakes region. For over 30 years, Whitefish Point Bird Observatory has been monitoring and documenting these annual migrations. Its mission is to document the distribution and abundance of birds in the Great Lakes Region, with special emphasis on migration.

Click here to learn more about Whitefish Point Bird Observatory and see upcoming events.

Photo courtesy: Michigan Audubon 2016


University of Michigan Dearborn's Environmental Intepretive Center

Click here for their latest newsletter, featuring family-friendly, educational events!