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Wild Thing - You Make My Heart Sing!


Reconnecting with the Common - A Celebration of Mallards

Sometimes we take the common birds for granted, but what if we see them through the eyes of a child? Click the blog title above to reconnect with the beauty of Mallard Ducks!


Squirrel Appreciation Day!

Click the link above to read about squirrels - the mammals who thrill some of us, frustrate others, and coexist with us all!


Cedar Waxwings

Helping, loving, honoring these beautiful birds... what can YOU do? Click the blog title above to find out! Photo by Roberto Viguilla


Where are the Juncos?

Have you noticed a shortage of Dark-eyed Juncos in your yard this winter? Click the blog title to find out why. Photo by Kevin Murphy


Fascinating Blue Jays

Some people characterize Blue Jays as "loud" or "bossy" - the "bullies" of the feeder. But did you know, they're actually an alarm system for other birds, warning them of impending predators? Did you know how intelligent they are, with the ability to store food in hundreds of locations and remember them all? Click the link above to read more about fascinating Blue Jays, a bird you may have misunderstood! Photo by Emily Wolfe.



Bird Spotlight: Long-eared Owl

Have you ever seen a Long-eared Owl? Click the link above to read about Rosann's encounters with this amazing bird.


The Joy of Feeding Birds with Seed Cylinders

Looking for the perfect bird feeding solution - low maintenance, low mess, and long views of the birds you love? Try seed cylinders - a great bird feeding option offered by us at Wild Birds Unlimited! Read Rosann's latest blog which shows different birds and how they enjoy eating their cylinders. Photo by Lisa Vreede.


The Joy of Listening

Click the title link above to read this blog post by our store owner - a delightful reflection on the joys of listening to summer bird sounds. Photo credit: John Graffius.



Bird Spotlight: Sandhill Cranes

Read this blog to learn all about Sandhill Cranes, one of North America's tallest birds. This blog has facts on everything from bird size, mating behaviors, nesting, food, habitat, and more! Photo credit: Bill Creteau


Chimney Swifts - Aerial Artists

Click the above link to see amazing photos and facts about Chimney Swifts, the bird that flies non-stop! Photo Credit: Chuck Slusarczyk Jr.


Cliff Swallows

Cliff Swallows are amazing birds who have adapted to the presence of humans by building their nests in places like this one, found locally! The nest that surrounds this bird is made of 1,000 carefully manipulated blobs of mud. This blog post is all about these hard-working birds. Photo credit: Lisa Vreede


What Does Bird Song Mean? Spring?

Many of our customers ask us why the birds sing during the midst of winter. Are they confused? Do unseasonably warm temperatures make them think it is spring? The answer may surprise you! Photo credit: Little Bird Nerd


Wait! Wait! Don't Clean Up Your Yard!

Sometimes the best thing for the birds and for nature is to leave things as they are in their natural state. Our extensive (and sometimes obsessive) fall cleanup efforts are not only a huge expenditure of energy and time, they also damage and interfere with many natural processes as nature readies itself for winter. So relax, let nature take over your yard, and spend your time watching the birds instead. Read this post to see how doing less can mean more for your birds.


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