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Birds of Michigan

3rd Edition - Simple Color Guide by Section.               

Make Bird Watching informative and enjoyable

LUC # 5154          $14.95 


Wild About Michigan Birds

Fun, engaging pages that entertain adults and children.

Filled with family friendly activities.

LUC# 8385      $17.95


Kids Guide to Birds of Michigan

Perfect bird guide for children.

Including cool facts and fun activities for the whole family.

LUC#9957      $13.99


Whose Butt?

Butts are funny - especially to kids.

Take advantage of this giggle-worthy topic to educate your kids with fun facts about animals.

LUC#5153      $14.95


C is for Cardinal

The best way to instill a love of nature is to introduce it at an early age.

Help your children discover the beautiful and fascinating birds of North America while learning the alphabet.

LUC#9907      $8.95


Greta the Great Horned Owl

This true story explains how wildlife hospitals rescue and treat injured animals.

Read about Greta's success story.

LUC#8156      $14.95


Our Love of Owls

Beautiful and mysterious, owls have entranced people throughout history.

Anyone who appreciates the wonders of nature will treasure this spectacular collection of stunning wildlife photographs and the amazing history of owls.

LUC#5177      $9.95


Amazing Hummingbirds

Compelling photographs and descriptions present the lives of these enchanting backyard birds as you've never seen before.

LUC#5163      $14.95


Fascinating Loons

Extraordinary photos and descriptions reveal facets of the Common Loon's life that you've never seen before.

LUC#6241      $14.95


Intriguing Owls

Amazing photographs and descriptions portray the lives of these solitary hunters as you've never seen before.

LUC#8381      $14.95


Playing Cards

Based on Stan Tekiela's best-selling field guides.

Features 54 of the Midwest's most compelling birds.

LUC#2577      $5.99