Books, Bird Guides and Playing Cards



Birds of Michigan

3rd Edition - Simple Color Guide by Section.               

Make Bird Watching informative and enjoyable

LUC # 5154          $14.95 


Wild About Michigan Birds

Fun, engaging pages that entertain adults and children.

Filled with family friendly activities.

LUC# 8385      $17.95


Kids Guide to Birds of Michigan

Perfect bird guide for children.

Including cool facts and fun activities for the whole family.

LUC#9957      $13.99


Whose Butt?

Butts are funny - especially to kids.

Take advantage of this giggle-worthy topic to educate your kids with fun facts about animals.

LUC#5153      $14.95


Greta the Great Horned Owl

This true story explains how wildlife hospitals rescue and treat injured animals.

Read about Greta's success story.

LUC#8156      $14.95


Amazing Hummingbirds

Compelling photographs and descriptions present the lives of these enchanting backyard birds as you've never seen before.

LUC#5163      $14.95


Fascinating Loons

Extraordinary photos and descriptions reveal facets of the Common Loon's life that you've never seen before.

LUC#6241      $14.95


Intriguing Owls

Amazing photographs and descriptions portray the lives of these solitary hunters as you've never seen before.

LUC#8381      $14.95


Playing Cards

Based on Stan Tekiela's best-selling field guides.

Features 54 of the Midwest's most compelling birds.

LUC#2577      $5.99